Mechanical Engineering, CNC-Machines, Defence
Company Headquarters
CNC drilling machine2000mm x 4000mm
CNC Double Column Machine Center6000mm x 2500mm
CNC Double Column Machine Center2500mm x 1800mm
Vertical Lathe3000mm
5-axis machining center500mm x 400mm
5-axis machining center500mm x 400mm
Lathe with C-axis200mm – 800mm
CMM800mm – 3000mm
Our own Krafttec CNC - Brand

This is just an extraction of several other CNC machines, lathes, grinding machines and eroding machines. We are capable of casting, welding (welding certificates), mechanical processing (3mm to 4000mm) and assembly: approximately between 2000h to 4000h working hours per month are possible.
Our Customers
Renk Aktiengesellschaft Augsburg Germany
Kuka Roboter GmbH Augsburg Germany
MTU Aero Engines AG Munich Germany
Contact Persons
Hasan Usargil
Chief Executive Officer
Mechanical Engineer

Tel+90 232 4784076
Mob+90 555 9782586
Fax+90 232 4784077
Orkan Usargil
Co - CEO / EnluX Admin
Electrical / IT Engineer

Tel+49 821 60080506
Mob+49 152 09158334
Tel+90 232 4784076
Fax+90 232 4784077
Unikraft Tec currently consists of a team of 6 Employees and 13 suppliers mainly located in Izmir and also in Ankara and Germany. In case you want to join us, send your cv to
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About Us
Krafttec CNC - Brand
Online Trading
Unikraft Tec and Partners
Unikraft Tec is a medium-sized company, within a group of 13 companies, working in various sectors. Our field of work is mechanical engineering (component production, series manufacturing, assembly and custom-built machines) for the worldwide metal cutting and metal forming industry. Based on the company philosophy of technological innovation and leadership, we spend great efforts in the research and development of advanced process optimization to increase quality and production speed. Therefore we created a trading / project management portal EnluX to keep track in all business pocedures between us and our partners.

Our experiences in the industry go back to 1989 till 2000 building custom-built machines, including layout / design and controller modules in Augsburg, Germany. Subsequently we distributed CNC-Machines from the Asian market in Turkey and in 2004 we designed and built our own CNC-Machines (up to 4 Axis).
Since 2010 we are supplier for the companies KUKA, MTU and Renk in Germany.

Our international experiences in Germany and Turkey, bundled with our comprehensive technical knowledge and low prices are our core competencies. Especially knowing the cultures and mentalities of both countries, we appreciate the high standards in terms of quality and delivery reliability.
Contact Us
1606 SOKAK NO. 5
35040 IZMIR

Tel+90 232 4784076
Tel+49 821 60080506
Fax+90 232 4784077
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